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Enhance The Ad Experience with Conversational Ads

Acquire customers by turning ads into personalized conversations at scale.

Companies leading in conversational

Ben & Jerry's
Burger King
Landal Greenparks

Don’t Assume Interest – Create It.

Direct messenger is pioneer of conversational advertising. We bring your dialog to life through harnessing the power of authentic conversations at scale, combining this with our state of the art ad solution

We help brands engage with, and activate their target audiences worldwide through the whole process of conversational advertising campaigns.

We create, develop and execute conversational campaigns that drive results.

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First party data solution

Direct Messenger is a unique 1st party data solution. It gives you the ability to directly collect your user’s 1st party as well as data, such as preferences, that they leave behind themselves. With this data you can do even smarter, better and more personal 1 on 1 marketing

Serve on every channel

Conversation-based interaction is a great way to discover people’s needs. But you want to have the freedom to run your ads on the channels where they are most. That’s why Direct messenger ads run on display, socials such as Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok and Facebook.

First Class Creative service

Talking with a person, instead of talking to them, has the power to drive far higher engagement and relevance than static display creatives. Just like with real life conversation, different answers lead to different outcomes, making it a truly customized experience. At Direct Messenger we help you with the perfect conversational flow and dynamic creative for optimal results!


Inspire With Engaging Ads

Increase the focus & attention using creatives such as rich media, animations and moving content. We combine this with highly interactive conversations right at the places your customers are


Personalize, Enrich and Collect 1st Party Data

We personalize and enrich the profiles with the information from the conversations.

This data is immediately stored within our Direct Messenger Cloud  so that you can reactivate the conversation at a later time!


Generate leads and start selling

Not only do consumers get the value of personalised product recommendations – they’re also able to purchase in-app without having to leave the page they’re browsing.

Your trusted partner for all things conversational

Our Managed & Creative Services are designed to help solve your biggest social messaging and creative production challenges.

Managed services

Our team of growth marketing experts leverage our market-leading technology and industry insights to profitably scale your social messaging campaigns. From creating omni-channel social messaging journeys to setting up bot conversations  and implementing other platform capabilities, we work as an extension of your team – and always hit your business goals.

Creative services

Our award-winning Creative Services team combines creativity with data to tell your story within social messaging. We conceptualize, produce, and continuously test and iterate to find the creative mix that drives engagement. We´re driven by curiosity, a love of problem-solving and a passion for storytelling on messaging.

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