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Conversational Marketing Made Easy, Effective, and Enjoyable

Direct Messenger supports all messaging channels as WhatsApp, Instagram DM, Facebook Messenger, Line, Viber and more. Easily drag-and-drop message templates, interact with the decision split, send rich media or link bot conversations to messages.

One simple to use add-on for conversational marketing with powerful AI capabilities

Build, personalize and manage your creatives, bots, channels and data  in our smart platform build especially for Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Journey Builder

Direct Messenger empowers highly personalized journeys for all messaging channels such as SMS, WhatsApp, Instagram DM, Facebook Messenger and more.

Rich Media

Engage your customers with Rich Media Solutions. Add images, videos, documents, QR codes, buttons to journeys.

Custom Decision Split

Interact real-time with Direct Messengers’ Decision Split. Create routes based on open and click engagement.

Be Where You’re Customers Are

Send relevant messages, transactional updates, discounts, vouchers and special offers to the channels where your customers are active.

Create hyper personalised messages at scale

Direct messenger automates every step within social messaging so that your organization is optimally able to enter into a 1 on 1 dialogue with your customers.

  • 1 on 1 hyper personalization
  • Rich media messages such as video, images, buttons, QR-codes, Vouchers and documents
  • Set-up thousands of messages in minutes 

Engage via Rich Media Messages

Engage via rich media messages your customers will love and engage with while staying true to your brand. Easly create and deliver rich media messages with QR-codes, Vouchers, Check-ins, Video and images.

  • Rich media messages such as video, images, buttons, QR-codes, Vouchers and documents

More Than Just Chatbots, It’s Conversational AI

Easily build automated conversation flows within journey builder. Add an AI-powered chatbot to handle interactions effortlessly. Simplified bot building for non-technical staff. 

Say HI to Centralized Cross-Platform Campaign Management

Configure template messages for all channels, make them part of a journey, combine them with e-mail, ads, connect bot conversations and publish in real time.

Forget the time-consuming, manual tasks so you can focus on the strategic, value-added work that really matters.

  •  1 add-on for all your social messaging channels and SMS
  • Create and manage from the same interface
  • Link bot conversations to messages
  • Publish directly from Direct Messenger

A Single View For All Your Strategic Decision Making

Bring all of your data sources under one roof to track performance and gain actionable insights across all your messaging platforms.

The Direct Messenger  reporting API allows you to pull data into your BI tooling to get a complete picture of performance across channels

  • Reporting API for a complete view of your impact
  • Journey insights 
  • Dashboarding

We’d love to hear more about your needs, and how we can help.